Introduction animation video

Advanced Computer Applications Spring 2018

Kehlani is a singer my brother showed me awhile ago on one of our road trips. Her album, "Sweet Sexy Savage," starts with not actually a song, but this introduction. It's a powerful talk about relationships that many women can relate to. I've listened to it so many times that I can repeat it without a pause. I decided I wanted to share it with everyone by creating this visual to go along with it. I chose high contrast colors to make the video have a bold and strong feel to it. The sans serif typeface also helps with this. Being from Texas, I, of course, had to feature some Dolly Parton hair. Creating this was challenging, as I am still new to the whole animation world, but I am so happy with the end piece and hope it reaches someone who really needs this kind of talk right now or benefits from it in some way.