Oh hi there! I'm Lorelle Dewitt (the 5'11" girl that looks like she should be in the summer, even in the winter) and am currently a senior Graphic Design BFA at Texas Christian University. I love all of my classes and can't wait to see what the future holds. I hope to work in the fashion or art industry, constantly creating. Here are some fun facts to instantly get on that level with me:

+ My favorite activity is doodling. In high school, I even got an award for "Best Doodles on Assignments."

+ Dumplings are the way to my heart.

+ I collect photo booth strips as well as stickers. The pictures go on my bulletin board above my desk while the stickers sit in my drawer because I never want to use them.

+ My favorite artist, at the moment, is Mike Perry and his use of bright colors and weird shapes. Look him up if you don't know what I'm talking about. Also watch “Broad City” (favorite show + he does the intros).

+ I have 2 cacti that I treat as if they were my kids. Their names are Mickey and Spike (creative, I know).